i feel like a monkey with 4 asses

not familiar with that phrase? it just means i feel like shit. you know, run down, tired, over worked and under payed and all of that. burning the candle at both ends comes to mind too. this weekend is the big 40th birthday party i am throwing for my husband here at our house. i am trying to get everything together and organized so that when saturday comes around i just have to set it all up and then relax with a bellini. of course it's supposed to rain and that's just not good news for a backyard BBQ. not good at all. but- what can u do? hope for the best? visualize sunshine and everything going smoothly? pray? punch someone?
my daughter's first ballet recital was last night and it was the best thing i have seen in ages. it put a much needed smile on my face. seriously, nuthin' cuter than a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds plie-ing and releve-ing.
she's farthest right, seated. duh...the cutest one!
anyhoo, sorry for the boring ass post. will be back to myself soon, with pictures of the party and for sure the best ballet recital video that you ever did saw.