monday color combo

happy memorial day monday!! today's combo of pink and yellow (gold too!!) has been on trend for a while now -haven't they all really? i mean i am not inventing these combinations of colors am i? no, i'm not. although the thought of going out with a really nice camera and coming up with my own combinations sounds like a heap of fun. b/c frankly there aren't a lot of 'em left in the world of interiors that i haven't covered. i mean there ARE but they are not a'plenty, so if someone out there wants to philanthrop-ize me with a nice camera i would gladly get out there and photograph some new combos like...lavender and orange, lavender and red, more black and emerald, ochre and purple, dusty pink and wood tones..i got lots!! and you can find a few out there but not enough to make one of these here posts. so and yellow is such a good combo. so warm and glowy, girly and ethereal. check out this's called a rosy maple moth and it really is pink and yellow!! and i must have that rug (#15) for my bedroom. if any of my loyal readers want to see a color combo come to life please let me know. i love a challenge and i will do my best to bring you the beauty!!!
images via absolutely beautiful things, city sage, flickr, house beautiful, the domino archives, living etc., so chic, flea market style, the web.