oh no...not another self indulgent non design related post. sorry. ffffound has found me again. i just love browsing this site and gathering images that speak to me. my inner photographer is growing stronger these days and i get frustrated when i can't find the images i am searching for. it's like i see them in my head and they don't exist, or at least i can't find similar. so it's nice to find such evocative images. here are a few new ones that....captured me....again, like last time-please stop reading if you hate such self indulgent nonsense. i won't mind.
1. i don't know where this is, or even if it's real, but i would give just about anything if i could make this my "happy place". it's like an airplane it's so freakin' high. and mountains, misty windows and a lake below, a desk, fresh flowers, rising sun...happiness indeed.

2. doesn't happen very often, but when it does it's nice to share it. you know, humans doing selfless acts. althoooough....if it were REALLY selfless, i imagine he just should have turned them off and went on his way. come to think of it, it's almost like he's angry. angry that this person left their lights on AND their door unlocked...oh and by the way...i didn't STEAL anything!!! what an asshole!

3. it's ok, she's just in the bathroom taking a much needed pee break.

4. sweet and innocent. brings me a sense of calm.

5. NOT a stroller. jokes on you rich person when you try to fold that thing up in the trunk of your car. HA! stupid rich people.

6. yummy.


8. pretty color combo. lavender and wood and brown tones. hey! maybe this is the downstairs of my happy place!!!

9. it's his face.

10. one-two punch. seriously- this could also be my happy place. right there inbetween their little scruffs, all soft and warm and smelling like freshly laundered love.

11. nice ass. GREAT photo.

12. great wall of butterflies. that robin's egg blue wash is speaking to me.

13. where do i begin?

14. who needs a closet? lovely.

15. indeed.