i love you urban outfitters

and i love you too jamie meares! ms. meares over at i suwannee, a super duper cool blog, told us about this rug this morning. 40 bucks at urban outfitters. since 40 bucks for a 5 x 7 rug is cheap i investigated and found that with shipping and handling it would cost upwards around 60. so i drove down to the store on ponce here in atlanta and could not find the EXACT rug (they had the choc brown version though- i just wanted black and white) so i settled on this art deco looking one. not a bad substitute, eh meares? OH! and did i mention that it was not 40 bucks but TWENTY!?!?!? in yer face shipping and handling!!!

as a gift to you my dear ms. meares...a bookcase of the day.
good bloggin makes the world go 'round.