monday color combo

today's color combo is one that i have been "working" on for a while. mostly b/c it's been difficult to find images of interiors that i love. although that said i don't always LOVE the color combos i do. for example the black and yellow wasn't a fave even though i liked it quite a bit. maybe just not for me. this one though i really really love. there is something magical and mysterious about this combination of colors. together they remind me of my cool grandmother (granny franny- we called her) who was very un-granny in her choices. she was slick and stylish, ahead of the curve. i think this color combination is ahead of the curve too. i say this b/c as you will see there are many different shades of green out there to be combined with black; lime, olive, kelly, forest, and my favorite and the slickest of all...emerald. this is the green i have in mind when i am thinking of this combo. the one i like best. and it. was. almost. impossible. to. find. in any case, they all work (greens) and are lovely.

images via flickr, house beautiful, living etc, apartment therapy, etsy and web.