monday color combo

in my research for this combo (which was a request from vicky dar over at room service decorating 101), i learned that it's some kind of taboo to use these colors together. in great britain in any case. something about " blue and green, never be seen", or "blue and green, only on the queen". poppycock, i say!! i wasn't a fan of this combo before i did this post. not b/c i thought it was heinous...i just didn't really have an opinion of it. a take it or leave it kind of thing. not so anymore, i found myself wanting more! as you can tell by the amount of blue and green i found. i just couldn't stop. it's so pretty. so calming. so fresh and happy. like a fresh cut grass and blue summer sky. it seems to work best for me in a country style setting. but that's not to say that the vibrant miami house of doug meyer doesn't turn it out anyway...happy monday!!!

images via domino archives, living etc, met home, country living, houzz, flickr, daisypinkcupcake, d*, anthropologie