blog envy

when i got into blogging it was because i wanted to have a creative outlet to express and document all the things i loved and wanted. as i blogged more i realized that those things tended to be geared toward the home sometimes throwing in girly products i used or wanted to use, food that i wanted to eat and celebrities that i wanted to dry hump. i then found all of your blogs (or at least all the blogs listed to the right of this here blog) and it made me want to be better. write better, find the pictures you, my peers had not seen, bring you even more of myself. i think i have gotten better since my first post. maybe more focused. more evloved. then kristina happened. well, first joslyn over at simple lovely happened. she's the one who posted on kristina yesterday and if you read her blog well then you already know about kristina's blog, lovely morning. kristina's blog makes me look like a blogging fraud. a bl'aud. yep. a blaud. see these beets? her recipe. her photo.
her hens...her eggs...her perfect poaching skills...her potting bench/AWESOME AREA!!!her apparent gardening skills and photographing skills...

seriously kristen? stop it already!!! you are making us bloggers who steal other people's photos and blog about other people's talent look like BLAUDS!!!!
in my book you are queen of all time. you make me want to be a better blogger.
so, umm..thanks?
oh yeeeahhh and did i mention she was gorgeous???

all images via lovely morning...DUH!!