can we discuss?

three rooms i have never seen before? can u believe it? never seen these rooms...
this first one is just about the most awesomest room for a tween/teen girl i've ever seen. shit i'd even say early 20's could pull this off. love the bed-obvi! it is the focal point after all. and focus it will make you do. love the dresser/side table. love the art. love the ceiling with its subtle blue inbetween the beams. love the mixed throw rugs all higledy-pigledy (yep. i said it) over the big one. how pretty is this one? all purpley and lovely. that blue lamp in this room is gorgeous. this room is a brave choice on many levels but it works. actually i think i may have seen this one before-that bar cart is ringing a bell, either way it makes me want to paint something lavender.
isn't this a gorgeous entry? it says upstate new york gigantrous country house. first off you can tell the house is old simply due to the odd shape of the room. love the wallpaper. love the table and it's modern twist on the traditional skirt. love the huge mirror. i want to stay here on a long weekend with my big crazy family (that i don't actually have) and play games on the lawn and bake pies and shit.

ok so this next one i have seen. it's atlanta bartlet's house. but it is sooo awesome that i had to show it on the off chance that one of my readers had never seen it. what does it for me in this picture is that table with the baskets underneath and the mirror with all the fairy lights. love. it.

pretty sure all these images are from house beautiful. except the last one.