a camera really can make a difference-self indulgent blog post number 3473874837

pardon me while i post yet again "experimental" photos.

you see my dad lent me this camera....and while it is WORLDS better than the shitty cannon i was using i am still figuring out all the gadgets with this one.
like flash and no flash. i am trying to use JUST natural light but it's not always available. also resolution. in these pictures the camera was set at a really high rez (that's photographer speak for resolution) hence the blur factor in most of these.
that's fiona and her pal foofa in the background.

my bedroom has very little natural light in the morning..better in the afternoon.

the light is getting better. and no, i don't always keep my euros on top of my standards.

this next one is cool bc of the racked focus on fiona and the flowers (dead).

here it is with the flash. do you have a preference between this one and the last one?

these flowers had a full life. they lasted a long time and they smelled amazing and they faded into the prettiest pale pink.
this was a delicious pork chop, smoky collard greens and a beet and walnut salad with fresh mint from my herb garden.

this is nicolas bb (again a flash) i don't mind the flash so much here. he looks like a teddy bear and i can tell by looking at him that hims nose is juicy.

he's telling us all about it. whats hims problem??
that's my pink kitchen aid that is like family to me. and those are my black (almost black by ben moore) walls that are slightly shiny and i love them.

so, has a camera improved things or not?