black is beautiful..

in honor of m jackson i thought i would post some pictures of the black in my house. well that and someone asked to see more. while my kitchen is painted black, most of the wall space is tile. so only the tops of the walls above the cabinets and a little near the sink can be seen. BUT! my bathroom that kind of adjoins around the corner from the kitchen/slash hall is painted the same color. which is benjamin moore almost black. things to keep in mind while looking...we are renters, which is why there are some seriously ugly fixtures about. trust that i would change them if i could. ok, so below is the ceiling in my kitchen, fabulous isn't it? (track lighting-ugly fixture #1) from the kitchen thru to the dining room (note ugly fixture #2)-
here is the master bath...the yellow poster looks fresh in here...
greenery from my porch plants, fern and creeping jenny (holla!). and it's not easy cutting black paint against white glossy molding.

more from the bath. again with the shitty paint job. it looks much less noticeable in person i promise! oh and yes i DID use a semi gloss in the bathroom.view of one of the sinks in the bath. there is actually a vanity sink around the corner there, wierd layout for some reason. here is another dark paint...this is ralph lauren's forde abbey. this room is kind of non descript really. it's sort of in the middle of the house. its technically a large entry room or receiving room. our house has a circular layout. you walk in to this room and if you go through to the right you are in the dining room, keep moving right and you go through the kitchen, then turning left through the small hall into the master bedroom through to the main hall into the family/living room and right back into the entry room. its GREAT for feng shui and the flow of the house. no walls to stop anything. the fireplace is in the middle of the house, directly on the other side of this wall is the other side of the fireplace that is in our bedroom. anyway we use this room as sort of sitting room, play room, dance hall. the christmas tree is housed in here. and with 12 foot ceilings we have some pretty grand christmas trees!!

my dad built those shelves for me based on this pic here...they weigh a ton.