is it ME or my camera??!

so last week when i cleaned the hizzy out of my house i decided to take some pics to share with all my decorator-y and designer-y blogger friends. to say, hey...i got some skillz too!! but apparently i don't. at least not in the lighting and photography department. or the styling...i mean look at the damn wrinkles on my new sofa!! it made me stylists do this kind of thing before a photo shoot. iron the sofa?!? if it looked like mine they sure would have.
i mean these pics were so bad i had to stop after just a few rooms. the blinds are half open half closed..what kind of proud picture taking decor blogger doesn't make the windows look cohesive? or turn on a light???

here's one with the better is it? nice spot light in my brain picture. and the couch looks terrible again...all yellow-y and wrinkly and lopsided.

no flash...

the corner looks all washed out. which in reality it isn't.

my daughter's bathroom and her artwork from when she was 2 lines the back of the sink. this is a little better in terms of photography, at least i think it is. i guess peonies make anything look better.

more bathroom...

so...before i go and do this again, do i need a better camera? a lesson in decorating and styling? a lesson in photography and lighting? or...or....what?? if the answer is camera, please let me know what you use or one you would like to use if you could. i think i may actually buy a camera in the next couple of months. b/c mine (2) SUCK ASS!!!
*disclaimer ...i live in a rental so i cannot change the dreadful blinds. too expensive! these windows are huge and the ceilings are 12 feet. and the rooms are impossibly small so i feel they need to be minimally dressed anyway.