road hard tired and i look it too

the call back went great. the director was very nice and offered plenty of feedback which as an actor i LOVE. i mean, ultimately you can't possibly know what every director wants and most often i doubt they even know. but he did. and it was great for me b/c i THINK (i HOPE) i gave it to him. at this point it is out of my hands and i wait, hopefully forgetting about it and moving on to the next audition.
but i will say that new orleans was very cool. the garden district is ridick! so pretty. i thought of you (vampy val) if you're reading this. my husband and i made the trip together which was nice to BE together as husband and wife for a change and not mommy and daddy. we have friends who live there and we met up with them to have dinner. we ate at luke at the hilton. not bad. the chef is apparently one of the new top chef masters, chefs.
i would love to go back when we had more time. certainly not in the summer, yikes it was hotter than hell and looooooooooads of people.
so, sorry for no monday color combo this far too important and semi-famous this week.
no...not really, just didn't have the time to gather my images. sillies!!!
thanks for all my well wishing friends who commented and to those who well wished internally. i thank you too.