painting can turn ugly into pretty so why not paint everything?

well for starters you might get it all wrong and it ends up looking like...

ALL OF YOUR FURNITURE IS PAINTED!!!!!!! get it right? but how do you do that? in my new house i plan (PLAN being the operative word) to paint my floors glossy white. yep, that's the plaaaaan. but that is a pretty scary thing to me. i mean i have seen it done in the magazines and books and these here blogs a cotillion times, and i love it. so why can't i do it too?
and what then do i do with all of my reddish brown wood furniture that is super ugly? paint it obvi! but what? how? ALL OF IT?? white? a rainbow of my favorite colors? huh!??!? i just don't know how to begin. any tipspointersadvice would help. here are some images of painted done well.
are those cabinets painted the palest whisper pink? if so, what a GREAT color choice for a girly kitchen. and how in the high water of hades did she (assuming) decide on that color. b/c for me it's AAAALL about the decision!

painted stairs like this will be in my future if i get a house with stairs. again though do i risk the whispers of "have you met the new neighbors? everything in thier house is painted..and i DO mean EVERYTHING."

a design sponge before and after. that beast went from faded 70's glory to fucking fabulous and sexy. how did that person decide that black was the best choice? for the piece, for the room ? these may seem like easy questions for YOU to answer but for me i stand completely at odds with my own brain and the killions of pictures i look at.

even this little guy knows how cute a turquoise piece of furniture is. hims having hims birfday cake on it.

anna spiro knows a thing or two about the painted furnitures.

whaaaa?!?! how glorious is that green? would you? how would you know? that's detailed wood work too people..that ain't no wall that you could easily paint over if you hated it.
love the glossy orange in this room. it takes it from boring to.....umm...not boring?

no she di'int! fuck yeah she DID!!!!!!!! ugly shit + hot pink paint = cheapest and chicest makeover on earth. throw in some wallpaper as backsplash and my eyeballs start melting! now this might not be your taste but imagine the possiblities. with paint and paper. paint and paper!!!

ok. so what are you thoughts, comments, ideas? if anyone says "it's just paint, it's easy to paint over". i will cyber karate chop your head off. i'm not talking about a wall or 4. i am talking about furniture. shit you have to sand and prime and apply several coats of paint to. that is not EASY to do or fast.
so..tell me...
images via ABT, designsponge...blah blah you and you and you. i'm to lazy today.