you like?

i do. sheep chairs. sheep in general. i think they are sweet looking. although you can't have something like this with a 4 year old in your house without them quickly becoming toys. still i wouldn't turn one away.

a "flock" might be a bit weird. i didn't realize they have been around since the late 60's. here is a photo from a time magazine article c. 1967 about the artists behind them, claude and francois-xavier lalanne.

i first took notice of sheep as decor when i saw jenna lyon's son's room in domino. i hunted those little sheeps down only to find they were 3743990000hundred dollars.
marc jacobs has one.

a slight departure. a little more sheep meets seuss.

perhaps too literal? still, it looks hella soft albeit nightmare inducing.
for now i guess i will stick with these.