where have i been?

not here. but i sure do love the look of this place. the white and yellow is so good. but nope, i have been out looking at houses. most of which were abysmal at best. but one, albeit small had the most amazing back yard ever. so big!! i am trying to determine if it's enough reason to buy a house. b/c the house itself is small. possibly smaller than i would think is possible for us. but MAYBE if i knocked down a wall? and it needs updating in a big way and i'm not sure if our budget will allow ANY renovations for a while. but that yard. that yard. that yard. oh, did i mention that it's 2 houses down from the train tracks? but it IS in one of the best school districts in atlanta. gotta think about these things. it's the number one on our priority list. what's number one on yours?

images from the current issue of canadian house and home. scanned. obvi.