i can't seem to stop barfing..

it may come as no surprise to you that i think this guy is a douchebag. why? he's so cute? you ask. i GUESS he's cute but moreover his music sucks a GREAT BIG dick, i like to call it "whiny pussy music". plus it seems to me like he is a bad boyfriend. playing girls like some people play his boring music: obviously and too much.
i liked him for a second when this picture of him surfaced. but then i heard his music again and my ears started bleeding. this picture was useless in his defense.

so it should come as no surprise to you then if you are of the same opinion as me that his NYC apartment is as boring and manufactured and soulless as his music. it was designed by the armani casa team. and yes, they used EVERYTHING from their line. so if you say to yourself that his place looks like an armani casa advertisement. you would be correct.


yep..everything you see..mirror, bed, bedding, rug, tables, lamps...armani casa.
all of it. armani casa. except the guitars. quick someone destroy them!!!

fortunately that's all point click home would give up. but i have this issue and it's just more from the armani casa catalog. i think they might even make kitchen cabinets.