these knuckleheads are gonna have their own show. don't know who they are?now do you? why, it's the husband wife team of sixx design. as in six kids.

the show will (thankfully) be on bravo. here is a blurb from the bravo website.

DESIGN SIXX (working title)
Husband and wife design team Cortney and Robert Novogratz have made it their business to seek out abandoned buildings across Manhattan. Their company, Sixx Design, has established an international reputation by taking those buildings and transforming them into multi-million dollar living spaces. But the Novogratz's are anything but your typical house-flippers. In addition to living in each of the homes they flip, the couple brings along their six children all under the age of 11 and Cortney is pregnant with a seventh child on the way. Life is chaotic for the family, but from chaos comes clarity with Cortney and Robert and their design team. "Design Sixx" (wt) is produced by Left/Right for Bravo. Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver serve as executive producers.