normally i am a 7 day a week blogger. i mean it's not like this is a job and i need the weekend to be or do something else. no, i blog when i want to blog. sometimes that's 3 times a day, sometimes once. but always 7 days a week. well, this weekend i am not going to be blogging. i am going to be doin shit. cooking lobster chowder and chocolate cake for a certain mother in law. mine, duh. and then she and i are going to get into some furniture refinishing. nothing crazy, just a buffet in need of some shiny white love. don't you worry your pretty little heads though- i will be posting all about it very soon.

in the mean time please do enjoy this very cute bedroom/office i spied over at m. design. please consider the pink walls, window treatments, blue chair and brown funky graphic rug.

peace out my loves.