can i get a little help here?

project buffet makeover is well under way here at the andrews-anderson house. however.

i can't decide on paint. i WAS going to go with a glossy white but decided it was too boring. why not add some brightness to my dining room? i am thinking of 3 colors but just can't commit. i need my readers to help me.
i saw this image over on i suwannee via matters of style. and while a petite bamboo desk and a huge, chunky buffet are drastically different, i DO enjoy that pop of red in a room. i just don't know if an EXPLOSION of red is in order.
i am also madly in love with all of these midnight and peacock blues i am seeing everywhere. shiny and dramatic and moody blue? can you picture it? my fear with this is it will be too dark and not translate as well and be..well...too heavy? what say you?
i am also thinking yellow, like this ikea cabinet/buffet. i am open to any suggestions and images you might have. help me.
hey...nicolas bb...what do you think?

i feel it is my duty as a design blogger to explain why someone who claims to have impeccable taste would have such a hideous chair. let's just say that when we went to look for a chair the room it was intended for was a bit on the cabin-y side. i thought this chair would look nice next to the entire wall of brick fireplace. and really at the end of the day it's not the fabric its the chair's lines that suck.