i got sumthin'...

it's my LA party pad. wipe your feet off on my rabbit and come in. oh you noticed my hot pink railing? it's rad isn't it? sit down here in my fire pit lounge and let me get you a drink. we have a rule at party pad...all drinks must have ice and go "clink, rattle, clink" when you gesture. there is a lot of gesturing in LA.

later i will serve you some delicious food in my fabulous dining room. doesn't everyone have a pheasant lamp? well they should!! gesture gesture..clink clink.

lots of cooking happens in here. good cooking. good looking cooking. see all of my oils and fancy condiments? that means i know what in the hell i am doing in here.

you can swim too if you want. or sit next to my orange fireplace. we can gather round and talk about what a douchebag jeremy piven is. although keep your voices down he is probably at my party.

here is the other side of my fire pit lounge. this is where the smarter people tend to gather. you won't find ME here!!

here is my bedroom. lots of times the parties end in here. i'm just sayin'.

that's my robe. that arrow helps me find it when i have had too many parties.

i'll do a swim-by when you are in the shower.

a lovely room don't you agree?

i give good party.