All the Best bedrooms?

ronda carman of the popular blog all the best is having a contest. she will be judging bewteen regulars and designers alike on who has designed/decorated the best bedroom. there is not much criteria to enter other than YOU alone had to have designed the room (your room or your client's room) and it cannot have appeared in any publication (blogs are ok). so lot's of things popped into my head. for starters it doesn't seem fair, i mean should budget be a factor? i am not saying that money buys talent or taste but expensive pretty bedding DOES look better than cheap pretty bedding most of the time. and lets talk photography...should that be a factor? let's face it we all know that a gorgeous room taken by a pro in amazing light will look a lot better than the same room photographed by lets saaaayy...ME! and on the flip side of that an okay looking room photographed by a pro will look a lot better. the winners will consist of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place along with 3 honorable mentions. 1st place gets some nice sheets, 2nd gets a cashmere throw, 3rd gets a kelly wearstler throw and everyone gets published on ronda's blog.

let's look at some pretty bedrooms shall we?


2. here is a blogger and non pro decorator's bedroom. it belongs to made by girl's jennifer ramos. can you tell the difference between the photography of 1. and 2.? is she standing on a dresser to get this shot? and this is a pretty bedroom but it's kinda blah, no? perhaps a little more styling and a different angle would have made this better.

3. this next one is pro all the way and LAAAARGE budget.


5. if fur flooring is in your budget you might have an advantage.

6. this is another blogger's bedroom. it belongs to frou frou fashionista. she is not a pro either but owns a lingerie store. it's pretty isn't it? but again, the photography doesn't really do it justice. she should enter the contest though.


8. pro and budget. porthault sheets and GORGEOUS wallpaper. this is a dreamy, cozy bedroom. and if this popped up in the contest over say that jennifer ramos one how could you not vote for this??? the styling, photography, luxuriousness it all counts!!!!

9. a kay douglass classic. super simple but super chic.

10. i love this bedroom. it looks less designer-y than some of the others. i like that. it looks doable. effortless. i'd vote for this one.

11. this bedroom comes from my beloved jamie meares of i suwannee. she's not a trained designer either but she has crazy talent. even with the stuff on the bed and cord front and center this room looks good. i can relate to it. that says something.

12. here is an example of a room designed by a non designer without budgetary restraint. she obviously has great taste and it helped her tremendously to be able to buy whatever she wanted. i LOVE this room! it is one of my all time faves. that rug makes me go koo koo.
and i want to rub my freshly cleaned face into those gray linen pillows!!!

13. this room is in some french chateau somewhere. i have always loved it. beams + triangular shape+ brick tiles= cozy bedroom. this room has amazing bones, i don't think you could fuck it up.
14. another blogger bedroom, this time in the form of the visual vamp's valorie hart.
this room is soothing and calm. that picture over the bed seals the deal for me. 15.
16. this room is another all time fave. doesn't look too pro and it looks completely attainable and GREAT photography sells it.
17. another example of amazing bones in a room. some gorgeous wallpaper, bedding and a statement light and yer done.

18. small space gorgeousness. a pro though. lee kleinhelter of pieces inc. dark gray walls, white tufted headboard---jiiiiizzzz! the way that mirror reflects the chandelier is KILLING ME! unless it's photo shopped in. hmmm....

19. i want to see more of this room. i am not a fan of the half picture of the bed thing. what the fuck is the point of it?

20. symmetrical perfection. and i mean that it's symmetrical without being TOO symmetrical. different tables, red thing on one side. good. amazing bed. subtle wallpaper. fabulous window like mirror reflection the outside. all of it is used to accentuate the height of the ceilings to amazing result.

so what do you think? am i being too critical? or do i bring up valid points? ronda if you are reading this what do you have to say about MFaMB's criticism of your contest?
i guess the bottom line for me is..if i was entering this (which i am not) with my bedroom which would be mine since i have never decorated anyone elses other than my 4 year old's, the budget would be very small. now even though i consider myself to have good taste and a good head for design and/or decor i don't think i would stand a chance against someone entering this contest with equally good taste and a big budget and a great photographer. know what i mean? are you picking up what i am putting down? i guess we will see.
thoughts? comments? concerns?