fear and hope

i read this book before i had a child, i don't know if i could have gotten through the first chapter if i had a kid back then. that said, it still remains the best book i have ever read. i mean in my eyes it's up there with to kill a mockingbird. alice sebold's writing is remarkable. if you have never read it i IMPLORE you to read it. i could not put it down. in fact i remember telling my husband to read it and he was all, "what? whatever...let me see this thing"...lo and behold he was done 2 days later.
so....when i heard they were making it into a movie i was super happy. but also like, no way could anyone ever possibly capture the beautiful storytelling in this book. enter peter jackson. there is a reason this guy doesn't make a ton of movies. because he has a writing team (himself included) that takes their time to adapt shit. 8 years to complete the lord of the rings trilogy. the guy makes beautiful movies. i am a fan. so..while i fear this amazing book could be shafted like all other book/movie adaptations i am super hopeful that PJ can pull it off. if anyone can he can.

i had the trailer embedded here but the powers that be said fuck you. so you have to do the clicking. it's well worth it though. if you like trailers.