monday color combo

how 'bout this gorgeousness this morning? i have gathered (humbly so) the yummiest gray and white decor the interwebs has to offer. i believe everyone needs a little gray and white in their home. AND!!! you can throw any color in the mix and it still looks good. so go ahead all you white wall lovers (that would be me), throw some charcoal up on the walls and behold it's awesomeness and then pat yourself on the back for being so brave. you won't be sorry.

images via juliannemoore'spad, alkemie, annesage, skonahem, apttherapy, candycoloredbudha, countryliving, decorno, decorpad, doorsixteen, marieclairemaison, patriciagray, rightbankleftcoast, windsorsmith, flickr, anna spiro