not boring

as someone who writes a primarily design based blog and immerses herself in a sea of interior decor i feel like i have seen it all (you have too, i know) and am a little starved for something different and new. somehow for me, this kitchen below dances to her own tune.

why would i think that? not sure. i mean open shelving, pendant lights..not new but with that farrow and ball wallpaper it's a little quirky and fun. i like it. your thoughts? am i just on crack? is my lack of sleep last night contributing to this completely ridiculous, question heavy post?
maybe it's because i FINALLY finished the twilight series last night and i just miss my boyfriend already. speaking of...can we discuss the incredibly LOOOOONG denouement that is the last 100 or so pages of breaking dawn?? i kinda want to karate chop stephanie meyer. i am sure i am not alone when i say all we really wanted in those last 100 or so pages was a whole lotta vampire sex. maybe even a vampire orgy. i mean they were all gathered...right? carlsisle and esme could have gotten the ball rolling with some steamy kissing, then you KNOW emmett and rose would have jumped in there to take it a step further with some heavy petting, maybe emmett's shirt would have come off revealing his hotness...edward would have said to bella..."this is how vampire's celebrate a victory...we all do it with each other!" bella would have been scared but once edward stared kissing her it wouldn't have mattered what he asked her. don't worry! jacob would have taken renesmee to a playground or something. alice would be all, "i knew this was going to happen". you feel me?
now where was i?