good and cheap in a small space

i like mirrored backsplashes. not only does it open up a tiny space but it adds a much needed shine and glow to an otherwise wood heavy space. plus it speaks to my inner clean freak in that the splatters and smudges would stick out like a sore thumb making clean up necessary and easy. i never understood why people would choose things for their home (i.e. carpet, rugs, upholstery, tiles, counters etc..) that "hide the dirt". not me!! i want to SEE it so i can CLEAN it! ok, maybe on the rug front i can see hiding the stains and dirt but ONLY b/c rugs aren't so easy to clean, or cheap if they are to be professionally cleaned. anyway...i digress...mirrored backsplashes? thumbs up!

here is a perfect example of an otherwise cramped space, heavy with wood cabinets getting a much needed does of sparkle with the mirrored backsplash. as well as opening the space up it also gives it a little sophistication. did i mention it was cheap too? i mean in comparison to shiny white subway tiles anyway...

miles redd went one step further and mirrored the counters too! he must really hate dirt as well and probably cleans like me. besides are you really ever gonna dispute miles redd's choices? i thought not.

images via twotallgirls, maggymoon, AT, housetohome, dcdigs, architectdesignblog, miles redd