it'll be like a bad movie only good

this is the room i will be sleeping in this weekend. the seaside suite. it is not on the seaside however. nope, it's a B & B nestled somewhere near asheville, NC. my mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and myself are all going for a girly weekend, where there will be lots of wine, snoring grannies and probably a lot of farting on my end. my sister in law rachel is the one of us who is pretty much perfect: quiet, never complains, always has a smile...she rocks.
i would love nothing more than to blog while i am there and plan to but you never know what that situation is like until you get there. so..we'll see..
happy weekend, lovers!

*the farting will be due to a major dairy intolerance but when i go on vacation i say no to nothing.