no fuss fall

this time of year i like to settle in and get the cozy going in my home even though the need for indoor warmth is SEVERAL months off here in the south. still, it's on my mind. fall is my favorite time of year. i love it all, the leaves all over the ground (fall in the south is pretty spectacular when it finally does arrive), the cool, crisp air, the humid haze gives way to bright blue skies, the pumpkins all over the grocery stores and inevitably, my porch. i'm a sucker for the white ones and the blue hubbard squashes. as far as "decorating" or "autumn-ing up" the inside of your house the following is a look that i am not in favor of..although understandably it is the most popular way of getting the point across...hay-CHECK. leaf garland-CHECK. fake pumpkins and fairy lights-CHECK. i think that a few of these things are ok so long as they are not used all together in one clump of an area. unless you WANT your house to look like a tuesday morning display. although..skip the fake pumpkins. just skip 'em. get the real thing, it's worth it.
for my fall spruce up i like to add heavier texture, a few jewel tones in the form of pillows and blankets, fall blooming arrangements (usually from the yard) and candles candles candles. i generally don't go for the pumpkincinnamoncake-y variety, but instead opt for the woodsmokemuskyforrestflooramber-y variety.
here are a few images that send a message of cozy without any fuss or fall decorating stereotypes. see the pears?? they are in season in the fall so they are acceptable as long as they are real. i love this kitchen. it speaks to my inner rustic minimalist.

subdued and inviting, perfect for a movie night. would you fill that bowl with popcorn or is that one of those bowls that would give you lead poisoning?

i take lots of baths in the fall and winter and this tub is glorious. as is the table full of expensive girly bath oils and bits. using furniture in the bathroom is fabulous too. the neutral palate, the simple window treatment and rug keep this room from being too fussy.

while white and stripes are generally used in summer decor i think so long as the textures are seasonally appropriate it can work any time of year.

what a cozy spot for breakfast.

how do you decorate for fall? are you a cinnamon potpourri gal? or do you throw a pumpkin on your porch and call it a day? what say you??

images via house beautiful, canadian hh, living etc, domino, houzz