while searching thru house beautiful's piss poor website i managed to find (by complete accident i might add) this stunningly and simply decorated house. i love it. first of all the front is so clean looking and refreshing. talk about curb appeal. i'll bet it's equally gorgeous in the winter.


in spite of the crime scene on the back wall, i love this dining room:
and this room:
perhaps my favorite room in this house and the sole reason i kept clicking to see more...this office:

this is taking a small, oddly shaped room and doing something really cool and unique to it without the use of over the top, cheap looking gimmicks. just the simple trompe l'oeil in the same green as the parsons desk. it's SOOOO GOOD!!!!! it's a "why-didn't-i-think-of-that?"imagine working in a place this lovely..sigh...

another clever design trick...i have lived in plenty of places where the bedroom's windows

only allowed 1 place for your bed...this idea here of the curtains in the middle of what appears to be a wall of windows still allows for 2 windows on either side. great great GREAT!!!