fuck you 'anonymous'

yes, i am talking to YOU! you anonymous posting fuckbags. i think it's real fucking lame when someone has a snarky comment to add to a blogger's post and won't tell us who they really are. i think you are a giant pussy. that's what i think. never EVER would i not have the balls to post my real name when i had something to say no matter how snarky it was. what do i care? but the bottom line here is i don't post snarky comments on other people's blogs. if i am going to be an asshole i am going to do it on MY blog where i feel it is my right to say whatever the fuck i want and if you don't like it...jog on! i may have a trucker's mouth but at least i am not some two faced douchenozzle who blogs all sweet and cute during the day and by night trolls the competition blogs to leave bullshit remarks. i mean, come on...if you've got something to say then say it..but at least have the rocks to tell me who in the fuck you are and open yourself up to some healthy debate. i mean, chances are i will shut you down, but at least it will be fair.

*nice comments from anon's are not included in my hate rant.