mfamb vaults

below are some images i have knicked off of your blogs..that i love, and stored into the mfamb vaults. some of them are older and i cannot remember from whence they came like this one... i just love the styling..and the floors. and who doesn't love an orange chair? or a cozy office under the stairs?

this one, i believe, comes from made by girl:

it's like a party can get busy in the bed, on the floor or on the couch. or have your friends over and occupy all 3 spots at once. but on the flip side it does look like a perfect place to sleep too. the bentwood rocker is a nice touch in this lofty modern space.
i forget where i stole this one..but i love it:
that little lamp on that oh so awesome bar seals the deal for me.

and this kitchen from desire to inspire:
the blue aga and the orange cookware are fun. plus it's the quintessential european country kitchen. loves it.

and lastly this one from design sponge:
i just love the shelf styling. and the giant beast. hug him.