greatest hits part 1

it was certainly a great year for MFAMB! it was my first year. the birth of my blog. a new adventure. i met a shit ton of cool mo'fo's like you, got paid to write someone else's blog and just..well...put it out there. so here is part 1 of MFAMB's greatest hits: the images:


blue and white:

gray and white:

random awesomeness:

pink and gray:

amazeballs kitchens:


brown and gold:

black and yellow:

bold pattern:

pink and yellow:

tiny cute:

gray and yellow:

happy new year fuckers! i hope everyone had a great one and all returned home safe and sound to the comfort of their warm beds and loved ones.
no resolutions from me. i don't buy into them. mostly b/c it's a lame excuse to be better when we should be doing that every day, like little buddahs all the time.

come back tomorrow for greatest hits part 2.

here's to peace, love, good health and prosperity for us all in the new year!