allow myself to introduce....myself...

last night the hubs and i went to a friend's birthday party at a really cool place called prohibition. it's an old timey speakeasy where people dress up in 20's and 30's style costume. it's not mandatory if you dress up but if you are cool you do. here is me looking cool. i overexposed it bc i was prettier that way. the other way had my face looking like a map of the moon.

it was great fun. i got completely wasted on these:
it's called a gin gin mule and it's heaven in a glass. i had 4. here is the recipe.

that's my little top hat from forever 21. it was super cute and lots of compliments were made on it's behalf.

here's handsome supermike. he looked every bit of the bee's knees and he drove my drunk ass home. thanks supermike. i look forward to a hungover conchords marathon with you later.

here's me trying to be all cute and flapper-y, but i think we can see that i look like i am about to bake a potato...