big gay southern mansion

this month's issue of HB featured some pretty spectacular homes, way to go HB- considering last month's failed miserably. but i am starting to see a pattern month: suck. next month: amazeballs. either way it makes me mad as a blogger when i don't have good shit to cover. i think corky says it best: here

ok, moving on to the most beautiful home ever...
the front certainly doesn't fail my eyes. look at those magnolias....kissing that path...that lead to a gorgeous green door...surrounded by chalky white yumminess... i have provided you with the loveliness of green and white before..

come into the foyer with it's olive-milk chocolate walls and mouldings..

so lovely..the fancy chandelier mixed with the simple rustic meets my need for masculine/feminine quite nicely. GO GAYS!!!

this little nook is somewhat odd to me.. i mean on the one hand that planter is pretty cool but the curtain and the box... it's all just bit too a vincent price sort of way..i am sure (read: skeptical) that behind that curtain is some non functioning door that they wanted to hide with a...curtain and black box and planter? i don't just seems forced maybe?? thoughts?


dining pretty so simple. so BIG!!! i noticed a lack of rugs when i first gathered these images and then went back to read why this was so and one of the owners said that he was sure it had to do with the heat down south (which i can totally understand) and that he was drawn to the shaker style's simplicity. word.

i absolutely LOVE this living room. that screen! UGH!!! it's amazing. the furniture..all the mixed styles, that modern, high backed, red couch.. the piano. this is theatrical done right!

but really the star of this house's interior is this kitchen. it's an eat-in and this is the view if you are standing with your back to the stove...i just died.

look. at. that. mirror. obviously the choice to put it there was so that it would reflect that view while you are cooking! that light fixture just punched me in the jaw. are you kidding me with this fucking kitchen??! that little nook of built-ins with the tv on top, the cooking basics..

that's the sink. marble topped furniture that it is. faucet on the wall working as the other "print" in the bat line up. so good. the homeowners wanted the room to look like a regular room as opposed to a kitchen. which is why they used the original dining room as the kitchen. NOT BORING!

herb garden...

images via house beautiful