a secretary update and then an open discussion and i have pms

pms makes me want to kill people. that's all. oh.. and eat kettle brand jalapeno potato chips until my asshole burns and start drinking wine at 3:30 in the afternoon after a "rough" day at the bookstore.

ok...how do we feel about liming? i know...i hear it's difficult to say the least. and i am not sure that underneath the horrible stain of the secretary is a wood that will take liming. in fact it might look like this piece:
that is to say more moldy than limey.

no we here at MFAMB are thinking more this:

i could get some of this and see what happens?

althoooooough....look at that lovely GRAY limewashed desk...hmmm...you feel me?

this is a nice finish as well...

i mentioned in the original post that i would reward the winning input-er with a bag of chocolate hearts and some smarties...well a lot of you are/were on the same page as me with the light wood finish..but jill j was the first to pipe up with something that actually gave me a ladyboner and that is to "Strip it, stain it light gray, matte finish for a top coat, and paint the inside (insert color of choice) lacquer. Finish with a dangle-y knob. Beauty." congrats jill j. you get some candy from me. email me and we can discuss flavor preferences.

so now we all have to decide which lacquery color we want.
remember...this is as much your project as it is mine.
if it all looks like shit i will do this: