cheap target treasures and ghetto cookies...

my skin has gone from perfect glowy face to dried up parchment face. i mean the winter wreaks havoc on my skin. it terrible. it isn't stopping at my face either. i now am the proud owner of cracked heels. yeah. fucking horrible. like those fat ladies you see at six flags who never wash their feet and then wear flip flops. like that. except my feet are clean and i exfoliate them too. i exfoliate my face as well, and steam it and wear hydrating masks and moisturize and all that shit..nothing is working. and on TOP of all that, i have a weird zit-like rash all over my upper body. face, neck, chest and back. as i type this i am wondering if it's shingles. it's that bad. it looks like a lot of zits, like acne..except i'm 40, not 14. but it itches, not terribly just mildly. i think it is a food allergy actually, but i have no idea what. anyway i am going to the doctor tomorrow so i will let you know.

this cleansing milk from target is really cheap and it actually smells like real geranium, not fake geranium and it was 8 dollars. its great at cleaning your face without making it feel like you stripped it of its natural oils.

this bath oil (which i use in the shower after i wash and before i dry off) smells really good too. it's subtle and not perfume-y at all. it's also more lotion-y than oily once it melts into your skin.

they did not have this at the time i purchased the others, sold out. but when i read reviews it got a shit ton of awesome ones, so i am going back for it later. also the bottles are glass and heavy. perfect for keeping around as vases.

and also i got these cookies to make my vegan peanut butter cups and had them left over. they taste nothing like graham crackers though. they actually taste like shortbread, more specifically pecan sandies. i used to LOVE pecan sandies but i can't find any gluten free pecan sandie alternative so i eat one of these and then throw a few pecans in my mouth. pecan sandie. ghetto version.