a little more pretty and a lot more ugly from the gliznobes...

could someone please send me a link of renee zellweger at sunday's globes?? i have been asked by a shitload of people what my thoughts were on her fugliness and i have yet to see it GODDAMIT!! please, send it...the suspense is killing me!!
there was a lot of fug up in the afterparties....

it's like mummy hands are comin in for the constant grope..... is that her dad??!?!?

gay kid from glee...presh!

funny guy from the office's girlfriend's fucked up glamour shots make up. office guy...spend the dojo on a makeup artist for your woman next time..

amanda palmer and her hairy pits...
and legs...you know she smells like dirty beav..and she'll wipe it on you too.

ugly bullshit spiderweb dress...i think its a jessica mclintock.

cognac prom bullshit..

why so sad joan? is it bc you look like a droopy turd?

i don't know who this is but i know she looks beautiful in this gorgeous dress..

i just threw up...

nice garbage bag. mcPhug.

dirty, frosted hair and leathery tan face..shame on you molly sims. i love your office and house though.


pretty glamorous for a big ol lesbian..

makeitgoawaaaay!!! (crawls into fetal position)