because its not every day complete strangers help you and your face

a million fuck you's for yesterday. i have purchased a few things as per your advice. 1 bar of grandpa's saggy balls...i mean pine tar soap- CHECK. 1 tub of tea tree antiseptic cream- CHECK.
1 jug of aloe vera gel- CHECK. i am totes getting susannah's wonderbar bc it sounds like it will give my face super powers, even though it is a 40 dollar bar of soap. i don't caresies. i will think of it as poor man's la mer and use it all over my body a la jennifer lopez. i think we should all get some of that and then talk about how our faces are now awesome. i also got some oil of oregano for dropping under my tongue and let me just say that shit tastes like dirty ass with a side of spicy doo doo.
i passed on the benadryl simply bc i have had this rash for 2 weeks or doesn't itch too bad or keep me up at night. but rest assured that i will have some on hand for next time so i can nip it in the bud early. for now i am going to leave it alone and nurture it with moisture and love until i get to an allergist next week.

ok. the audition went fabulously. i was perfectly pleased with my lack of nerves, which so often fucks me up, and my ability to be funny without being a caricature of the character. now i wait. if the director wants to see me again i go back and audition again for THEM. this time it was all on camera, taped for their viewing pleasure.

really, many thanks for your support and good vibes and advice.
chocolate bunnies and magical unicorns for you all.