thanks martha for making the rest of us look like fuckheads

is it not enough that you have 3 houses, formerly 4? that you then have to be so awesome in them? here she is in her NYC apartment washing one of her 40 billion dishes at her duralab cabinets. nice overalls mrs. peenjeans. you should save those for one of the other houses, not new york city.

everything should be this orderly. this image makes me feel safe and happy. she ironed that shit til 5 AM after a party one time. you know she did.
just more of the awesome..

here we have her main pad cameltoe corners. (you might know it as cantitoe but now you know it as cameltoe). more order and too many fucking plates. does she really entertain that much? and why the fuck have i not been invited? i am pretty, funny, smart, design savvy and i would help with the clean up- albeit drunk on her famous homemade summer wine...she could afford to break some..

more fucking saucepans..

and here is her "craft station" you suppose she is up there late into the night making things? do you? i am going to say i really think she is.


this is her former main pad turkey hill. even the hanging baskets of babylon 80's kitchen is pretty awes.

but much better now...

her attic floors are better than most people's regular floors...or regular people's floors.


whatever big fucking're no better than my bullshit pansies...

good lord...

her chickens have it better than most..
but turkey hill is no longer hers, it belongs to some other lucky m-F'er. i hope they maintained it's awesomeness.

and last but not least and my most favorite is the guest cottage at her maine house..if you want to see the main maine house go here. its good too.

i love that it is entirely pink.

i love and loathe the fact that with so many houses you can have one place that is just pure fantasy..

i know a lot of you have seen this all before. but you haven't seen it until you've seen it thru my eyes..
now, when i am finally invited to her house this is most likely where i will stay b/c i refuse to stay in a place called cameltoe corners.