20% off to MFAMB readers at sweetshorn vintage

my friend alia of sweetshorn vintage is offering all of YOU 20% off in her etsy shop. just enter code MFAMB when you order. there is more in her shop but i have picked these as personal favorites so you know they are awesome.

large french flag- $18. in a frame would be most enjoyable. but at the end of a bed would be kickass too. again, 18 dollars and at 20 percent off is, like, dumb.

chrome letters- $10 each. one in a tablescape is calling you. please don't spell anything out b/c that is predictable and not awesome. in fact from here on out if i see any of you with carved wooden letters of your child's name above their bed you will get punched by me, hard. but a chrome 'M' or 'S' or whatevs...just nestled in amongst other ephemera is a-ok.

wooden blocks-$16 for 10. precious and authentic. on a shelf in your baby's room please. yes.

lotus bowl trio- $26. for all you bitches painting your walls black (way to go!!) these would be stunning against your newly painted black mantel and matching wall. or equally at home in your bathroom holding earrings, rings and valium.

apple canister- $32. shiny and red on your counter will be just what your dull-ass kitchen needs. plus you can put your stash in it. be it money, weed or cookies...i won't judge.

brass pussy- $14. add it to your tablescape for some warmth. brass is delicious. in small doses please.

art nouveau cream and sugar set- $24. if it were me i would store tea bags in mine. or stuff it full of ranunculus come spring.

for real though there is lots more in her shop worth checking out. and remember it's ALL 20% off. just enter code MFAMB.
thanks alia.