stocky dudes

not you too gerard butler!!!! what happened to your 300 bod? not that i am saying i prefer you like that but i prefer you like that. in my mind you get paid a shit-ton of money to stay looking awesome. where as the rest of us have to do it on our own dime and without the help of a personal trainer/nutritionist/ doctor/team. so butler, unless u are gearing up for a sequel to precious i suggest you get back in the gym pronto.

now alec on the other hand is a fun fat. like i think i prefer him this way. he is not as young as gerard so he has a better excuse. plus his attitude sells it for him.

another one that likes to bounce around the scale is russ crowe. gross. lay off the beers my man and run a mile or six.

these guys prefer some man meat: (warning it's grosser than gross, even for you gayhooker)