do this!!

i have always loved this stairway/hallway/landing area from muriel brandolini. the soft aqua walls, the glossy, white floors and painted stairs and sheer power and impact these hanging lanterns make. i'll bet when it's all lit up it's awesome. and what's really great is this could be done on a budget so easily. i mean lanterns are super cheap (not these i know) and you can find them virtually everywhere. all you would need is either a really handy friend who knows electrical things or the money to hire an electrician. and while i know lanterns could look cheap and is important to note that these look great not b/c they are expensive but b/c there are many in this small area and nothing else. the palette, the simplicity...that's why it works. this is in my future country house file...

these lanterns from india rose are nice and relatively inexpensive at $43 each..

these from cost plus are REALLY cheap at $14.99 each, plus they are battery operated! could you paint a paper lantern? tell me all you crafty broads..

these are from anthropologie and they are not $398 each. but they are gorgeous!!

it's hard to find interesting lanterns this time of year but come spring i am sure more will become available.