adventures with susie

  yesterday my friend susie and i finally went to fabric world in stone mountain...which is NOT fancy.

but there are some sneaky hidden yummies if you can avert your eyes to the gross doctors office fabrics from the 80's.

like this:

this is 2 yards of something velvety and silky and more expensive than the 2.99 per yard that i paid for it.

it's a sexy shade of greenish blue.  and it would be awesome on a chair like this:

and if i had one of these badass mothers i would.


a trio of cheap but good.

blue green velvet.

brown ikat.

nubby neutral linen.

nothing planned for the top 2 but am going to have a console skirt made for the table under the flat screen until i can get something like this:



so after fabric world we went to a newish store in buckhead (right behind lee kleinhelter's pieces) called Bee.

it was good inside...

steep prices fer sure.

those bee hive looking things were 750 a piece.

but they had very unique things. none of it looked like i could get a cheaper version at west elm.

those bowls on that fabulous lucite table were from a shipwreck!



prepare yourselves...

this caramel colored leather mies van der rohe lounger was the most MOTHERFUCKINGUNBELIEVABLYCOMFORTABLECHAIRIEVERDIDSITIN!

for real.. 

 if i had the 9800 dollars that they were charging for it i would have bought it right then and there no questions asked. 

they should model birthing beds after this.

my birthday is in 2 months and i am pretty sure if each reader sent me 2 dollars i could have it.

then i would invite all of you over for sitting in it.

it would be like when someone sees mary in a piece of toast.

they would come for miles to sit in this chair..



aaaaaaand since we were so close to pieces inc. we couldn't NOT go inside...

 i have loved these metallic cowhide covered chairs since i first saw them back when j'adler was here signing pottery..


and these too...

UGGH!!!! i die for these...they are covered in hot pink wool and they are 4800 a PIECE!!!!!




then me and this frosted pink glass lamp became friends for life..


you all need to go into pieces and bee.

so they can rub how poor you are in your face.

but then go to fabric world so you can feel like a king again. 

susie at eye spy has more from this day and less cussing... HERE.

images via me, susie and lonny