wallpaper is in your face and it's awesome.

do you ever get on a site that you are pretty sure lots of people don't know about and you almost don't want to share it with other bloggers/readers bc you are a selfish fucker sometimes and want to keep it all to yourself?

and then your insides get all goofy with happiness and you just can't keep it to yourself?

just such a thing happened to me last night..

i am always on the hunt for something i can cover my ugly pink tiles with on both of my non-working fireplaces.

as you know, i rent so i can't change anything or do permanent damage.

i have glued fabric to them with success but i get so tired of the print so quickly.

i have used decorative paper but mostly the papers are too "decorative paper-ish".

so somehow i managed to find design your wall dot com.

it has everything you could ever imagine for your walls.

from grass cloth to vintage to vintage children's wallpaper to decals (gag) to pretty cool contact paper to sea shell tiled wallpaper...etc...

i spent a whole whole lot of time on it...

and yes, i saved some of my favorites for you to enjoy..


first up are the woods:

there is literal wood:

no for my purposes...but cool none the less.


and cool wood finishes:


even burl wood:

 check out all the woods, there are loads.


there are faux stone and tile wallpapers:

this is an option for me:


as is this cararra marble:


 as is this:


and this:


they also have shell tiled wallpaper:

this is not faux...that is real seashell that you can put on your wall.

it is really expensive.

like 70 dollars per panel with a minimum of 20 panels expensive.

this one was my favorite.

the others are/were too iridescent for me.



there are also buttloads of glossy rainbow colored contact paper:

this orange looked the glossiest in the picture but there is every color in the rainbow.

go here to see the shiny brightness.

these would be so cool covering a table or a desk or YOUR FACE!!!!



there is animal:

this is contact paper.

for you to do this:


maybe this is more your tone:

it isn't contact paper but it IS self adhesive.


there is croc too:

sexy red.

other colors too here.



but then ohhhhhh the grasscloth!!

see what i am REALLY thinking for the fireplace tiles is grasscloth.

so rich. so neutral. such texture.

and it's non working so i won't set shit on fire.



buttery and gold?:


an ethnic flavuh?:

or too patterny?


deep green blue?: 
(susie what about this for your family room?) 

click here for more grasscloth delites.


there are also supergorgeous superexpensive silk wallcoverings:



meowmeowmeow.......rusty pink silk.

keep on walking though cuz this shit is dumbexpensive.


there is amazing vintage too.

this one was my favorite byt farrrr!

i want to wallpaper my someday bedroom in this:


and this..ohhh THIS!!!:

an entry?


it's fabulous.

a teen's room?


look at this one:

this falls into the ethnic wallpaper catagory.

it's silk screened and it's the sickness.


also ethnic but vintage is this stunner:


and at the end of this time suck i found the vintage children's wallpaper and i actually got pregnant:

vintage farm scene.



vintage map.

made so much cooler with the continuation of those circles.


the business.

sold as a panel.

this is an imagination maker.

and i would put it in a girls room.









(girl spacegun noises- pshew psheew)

love this.

also for a girl.



nursery magic.


also nursery magic.


who didn't want a cloud room when they were a kid.

i did.


this site is for real people.

it will make you happy.

i promise.

and there is so so so so much more than what i have offered here today.

go HERE for general entry.

but click on the above links for their specific wallpaper category.

and which is your favorite for fireplace coverage?

grasscloth?  those marble things?  the tiles?