fun with moodboards

quite honestly i could sit around and do moodboards all day long.

it's like having no budgetary constraints and free reign across the internets.

so obviously i went shopping at jayson home and garden and 1st dibs.

but for my next trick i am going to do a room on a budget. 

since, ya know...i'm on one.

once i get better at layering pictures and can find a free download of photoshop i honestly think i could rule moodboards in their faces.

people will actually hire me to take their money and make their rooms more pretty based on my moodboard skills.

if i could i would have added paint to the backgrounds and some kind of flooring option.

as they are now they are somewhat cold and stark.

i was really just fooling around with it, getting the hang of it. 


here is a dream living room scenario 1:



scenario 2:


your guest room when you come stay at my house (if i had a guest room and a millionty dollars):

what do you think?

if you had some damn money would you hire me to decorate your house?

i am super confident i could.

also come back this weekend bc i am going to haunt the shit out of you..

with pictures and a story.