an MFAMB halloween


i am burnt-girl-with-bird-in-heart.

i used to be debbie.

until i got set on fucking fire and a bird made it's nest in my chest cavity!!

i used to be an interior decorator until i got burnt and died.

i live in this house with my surrogate creepy family..


this is the front room.

 i think this room has a great lived-in, country estate feel.

very nancy lancaster, don't you think?!

and that is grandma... 

she is old as piss.


i like to tease her about her blurriness. 

she always calls me 'tar face' when i do.

it can get pretty nasty between us.


this is grandpa..

he is way cool..doesn't talk much..he mostly reads in his chair..and always wears a suit..

oh...and's ghost cat.



this is our kitchen..

i do most of the cooking bc well...i am already burnt so...ya know..

that plaid blanket is so on trend isn't it?!! it?  i have no idea what fucking year it is...

i haven't picked up a magazine since my fingers melted.


living room.. 

don't even get me started on the dirt on that upholstery.

i leave ash trails everywhere i go.

it is incessantly irritating.


this is fawn..

she likes to steal your shit and then ruin it with her haunted eye.

that fucker is like a heat laser!


mostly she just plays with her dolls though... 


on special occasions we all eat in the dining room...

i found those tin tagines at a yard sale!!

can you believe that?!?!


 one of my favorite nooks...

i can't bring myself to sit on it though...not with THIS ashy ass!!


this is my room..


just let it go already!!!!!!!!



this is denise...

she and her "friend" mostly keep to themselves..


i do enjoy a good mantelscape.. 



this is wanda...

she is a sister wife..

(and a cousin daughter)


 here is the greenhouse..

at the end of a long day of trying to cook meals for these fuckheads, with no fingers no less, i like to come here to soothes me.

and if i am really quiet...

really really still..

that little fucking bird in my chest cavity leaves the nest for a few hours and i am completely alone.

it's lovely.


until john comes in...

and fills my chest cavity with his peen.

just one of his many fetishes.

he also likes to eat feet.