skin secrets that are proven by me and some we can try together..

  i have heard that you are either a wrinkler or a sagger when it comes to facial skin.

as in when you start aging you are either prone to more wrinkles or you have few wrinkles but your skin starts to droop and sag. 

i fall into the latter category.

yaaaay me. 

i am pretty sure when you hit 40 you can look in the mirror and the person looking back at you is your mom.

don't get me wrong, my mom is beautiful.  but she has the sags.  

and since i can't afford botox or lifestyle lift i have to turn to products..

i discovered these at whole foods and am fairly confident they are made with unicorn pee..

 as in there must be magic in them bc they work!

this one specifically:

 here are some before and afters of my face:


look how sad and saggy and old i am!!


now look:

fresh and lifted!!


serious sideways face. 

look at that tight jaw!!!!


excited frontal face.


you are sold aren't you??


i know product alone won't do it forever...

so we need to start doing some face yoga!



it's superscary looking but that makes it all the more awesome to me..


 also for forehead wrinkles:


let's discuss our faces.

i wanna know your secrets and tips.