i am tired and happy and full of love

 mostly i feel like this...

only in my case there is a half empty glass of wine in my hand and i am wearing a t shirt with pit stains.


weekend highlights:

shopping at an antiques store where i procured a lucite bench for the foot of the bed.

brokesprained my toe.

pieces inc. for furniture humping.

pot roast and cheerleading. 

the nolanator- the most charming love bug almost 4 year old ever.

wedding cake cupcakes with 5 inch mounds of icing in and on my facepiece. 

roast chicken and the dumbest brownie pudding you ever did throw in your mouth.


mostly i just reveled in the glow of three of the most awesome women i know.

i didn't take any pictures bc i am a douche.  (and probably now dead to you)

but i think they did so hopefully this week i will steal STEAL from their blogs.


i hope you all enjoyed your weekend and managed to not get 

a.) murdered

b.) stung by a bee

c.) diarrhea'd on by an alien with acid poop


d.) butt sex from a robot