i am a famous interior design heavyweight

 the mastermind behind this blog...


emailed me to tell me that i was featured as one of the 50 beautiful blogs to make your home more like martha's...


for real..

check it..


who's the boss now?


you can visit this blog of smarts on how to get started in interior design if you want to.


but first..

a few things.


gwyneth "cuntry strong" paltrow is on glee tonight.

and i am going to 

a.) watch the shit out of it


b.) probably choke back jealous vomit chunks.



i am working on an english country (not cuntry) manor house master bedroom for a client that combines cozy comfort with girly modern and a dash of simple streamlined masculinity.

here are our inspiration pics:






can't wait to show you the moodboardz.


decorating farts,