holy shit i woke up with christmas on the brain..

i'm not a big indoor christmas decorator, maybe some greenery and a few hanging ornaments in addition to the christmas tree, i do however LOVE to pimp out the front of our house.  and i have big plans this year..

it will look something like this:   (minus the snow)

no, my house isn't nearly this pretty on the outside..

(it could be with some new paint though- are you listening landlord?)

but i am certain with the windows and door swathed in lighted fresh greenery it will be the prettiest on the block.


but fuck it...why stop at the front?

doesn't your deck and/or back yard deserve some love?

i mean if you think about it many of the primarily used living spaces face the back of the house so it could be your only chance at actually looking at the pretty lights unless you go and get your mail in the middle of the freezing cold night..



totally doing this too...
we have a very similar tree in the corner of our front yard.




here is a simpler option..


the lighted path option is pretty too...

but this house is so pretty you could spray paint 'noel' only spell it 'nole' on the side of it and it would still be awesome.

i am mostly interested in the window boxes filled with snow.

want to know if its fake or real.

anthro btw sells fake sparkly snowballs.

it's a viable option.



pretty sure this is from the same house as the latter..


i am big on swaths of fresh greenery.

it's my favorite. 



modern holiday is fun too...



that lamp + ornament effort is good. 



the gold and gray color combo mixed with the hide covered ottomans is fun..



are you decorating for the holidays?

what do you usually do?

stick a fake tree in the corner, pray no one comes over to see and then cry til the holidays are over?

or do you embrace that shit, play holiday music all day, bake cookies for everyone you know and decorate the balls out of your house?

i think it's safe to say i am somewhere in the middle.


images via house and home, cottage living and living etc.