help out and win stupid good cookies...UPDATES!!

i will be brief..

valorie "the visual vamp" hart's husband alberto had a massive heart attack last week while travelling in canada.

he needs open heart surgery but would like to be back in new orleans so that his own doctor can do it and he can then convalesce near his own support system.

he just wants to be home.

that's all he says he wants.

to be home.



valorie is/was one of the first bloggers that reached out to me.

she helped me by putting my blog in front of a bigger audience.

i am forever grateful to her for that.

but beyond that she and i have become great friends.

she is feisty and funny and forever giving and kind.

i love her a great deal.


you can read more about what happened HERE


laura of decor to adore is holding an auction fundraiser to help valorie and alberto get back home.

all participating bloggers are donating items to be auctioned off..

go to laura's blog to see all participating items.


don't have a blog?

who cares!

you can still bid and buy items 

for example:


i am donating my famous: fuck you little debbie i make my own oatmeal creme pies! 

1 dozen of the most awesome things you have ever put in your damn facemouth

shipped snuggly and directly to your facemouth.

they are made entirely with 100 percent organic ingredients

so you don't grow feet where your boobs should be.

now leave a comment here and say how much you want to donate and the highest bidder gets the creme pies.

now let's get this poor man home!!!!



Alberto Paz is out of surgery in NEW ORLEANS! His doctor, Dr. Bhansali is brilliant! He did the stent in record time, and saved Alberto from having the dangerous open heart surgery the Canadian doctors were holding us hostage for. Thank you everyone for your donations and prayers to get us home! We hope to leave the hospital tomorrow or Wednesday! More later...xo xo